Bar System


For print materials and web assets

Us a bar between header elements and body copy to add emphasis and separation.

The header bar is always 1.5" wide by .05" (line weight = 3.5pt.) tall and is set in Primary Green. There should be 0.4" above and 0.6" below the header bar at all times.


Color Bar Graphics

The Green Dot identity utilizes color bars of the primary green, secondary green, and a third alternate green.


Color Bars span the entire width of a page or document. Primary Green should always be the largest bar.

A. One-Bar Variant - When only a single color bar is needed, use a thin, single color bar in Primary Green.

B. Three-Bar Variant - Multiple color bars may be used in circumstances when there is a need for more than one color or bar.

C. Five-Bar Variant - When a thicker bar is needed, the use of a five color bar is permitted.

Color bars may also be flipped vertically. Do NOT make smaller than 1/2 inch in height.



color bar examples

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