Our Attributes

Animo Ralph Bunche

A brand personality helps ensure consistency in communications: avoiding being too brash, too defensive, or too abstract. It allows our audiences to relate to us. If values are the parts of our personality that we actively promote to others, then attributes are the qualities that we want others to intuitively ascribe to us as a result of our actions. We openly speak of our values, but attributes must be self-evident through ongoing behavior.

Attributes are the distinctive combination of characteristics and qualities that make us stand out from the crowd; what make us unique. Similarly, a brand personality describes the unique attributes of an organization that when combined, articulate who we are.  


The primary attribute of Green Dot’s brand personality is courageousness. It embodies the ambition of our mission and our approach to everything we do; making tough choices, innovating in the field, welcoming challenges, and doing whatever it takes for our students, their families, and our teachers to succeed. Courageousness is supported by five further attributes.


We approach challenges with original and creative thinking, taking proven solutions and implementing them faithfully, effectively, and with excellence. Innovation is not invention. Innovation is the application of critical analysis to an existing solution and making improvements in design or implementation to radically accelerate success.


As an educational organization prioritizing a growth mindset, we embody lifelong learning. We are constantly acquiring new knowledge, greater understanding, and fresh insights; striving to know our field and making decisions based on empirical evidence and self-reflection.


We seek to understand and empathize with our students, their parents, and their communities by recognizing their individuality, sharing their concerns and hopes, and actively working to help them achieve their potential.


We thoroughly understand the theoretical philosophies of academia but never get lost in them; exemplifying the application of theories in action practically and realistically. Rather than following trends or bowing to outside pressures, we approach solutions deliberately, thoughtfully, and with the understanding that we are accountable to students and their families.


We acknowledge that as an organization, or individually, we don’t have all the answers but are part of a larger, collective effort to enact effective solutions through continual learning and actively listening to all voices.

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