Photography is a vital component of the Green Dot brand. Subject, composition, and presentation communicate powerful and lasting messages about our students, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and our organizational attitudes towards them.



Black and white photography is preferred. Black and white, traditionally used in art photography, elevates the status of our stakeholders and communicates their inherent value. Color photography may be used in more casual settings such as in blog posts or in social media. When color photography is used, all other guidelines still apply.


All photographs should be an expression of Green Dot’s commitment to recognize and celebrate the individuality of stakeholders. As such, individuals or small groups should be highlighted. Faces should always be clearly visible. Subjects should not be staged, but seen to interact with their environment, their friends, or colleagues. All subjects should be photographed at eye-level. Avoid anonymous crowds, photographing students from above (particularly important when they are seated), or overly posed shots.


Images should be brightly lit and with crisp blacks and crisp whites. Shoot outdoors or in natural light. Avoid gloomy, low resolution images, especially in poorly lit rooms. This may mean paying special attention to natural lighting available in classrooms when taking photos of teaching and learning. Many examples of photography can be found throughout the guide.


Be mindful of what lies in the periphery of a scene. Avoid visible logos on clothing, cluttered desks, soda cans, torn posters, etc.


All subjects should be Green Dot stakeholders: students, parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, support staff, etc. Avoid stock photography. Please also note that when taking pictures of students, they must be in proper uniform attire.

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