School Identities

GD Logo Guidelines

Show your pride!

We encourage the use of your school’s colors and logos to show that school spirit. However, you must use the Green Dot single line logo-type with mark in conjunction with your school logo. When creating collateral using your school colors, use them in the same way you would Green Dot’s colors and secondary colors (i.e. color bars etc).

Your school’s primary color is the base of the color bars and secondary colors are to be used for buttons and highlights. If your school has more than one primary color, you may alternate them in the color bars. 


Ánimo Watts College Preparatory Academy


Primary Blue

WEB #0071b9
R0 G113 B185
C90 M53 Y0 K0
PMS 285

Primary Yellow

WEB #f4bb1d
R244 G187 B29
C4 M27 Y98 K0
PMS 123

WAT Color bar


Wooddale Middle School


Primary Blue

WEB #15397f
R21 G57 B127
C100 M85 Y5 K20
Pantone Reflex Blue U

Primary Red

WEB #d11349
R209 G19 B73
C2 M100 Y60 K11
Pantone 206 U



Destiny Middle School


Primary Blue

WEB #002244
R0 G21 B50
C100 M65 Y0 K60
PMS 289

Primary Green

WEB #79d600
R121 G214 B0
C50 M0 Y100 K0
PMS 375U


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