Effective Teaching

Green Dot works to ensure that those students who most need access to excellent teachers are consistently taught by the best in the profession. In Green Dot schools, where students typically enter in the lowest 10% of academic proficiency, advancing a student a single grade level per year isn’t enough to ensure timely graduation. Therefore, we define high-quality teaching as the ability to accelerate student learning and close the achievement gap between students in low-income communities and their more affluent peers. In placing high-quality instruction at the heart of our model, we are committed to recruiting, training, and supporting the very best teachers to professional excellence.

Strong Leadership

Green Dot empowers experienced and highly trained leaders to respond to the needs of students, teachers, and parents in creating collaborative learning environments and driving long-term improvement. At Green Dot schools, principals and assistant principals are not managers or bureaucrats but instructional leaders tasked with identifying high-quality teaching and providing personalized coaching and professional support; subjects lacking in leadership preparation programs nor required of traditional school leaders.

College-Preparatory Curriculum

Green Dot promotes a rigorous, college-going culture; modeling high-expectations and instilling self-confidence and personal persistence while delivering a college-preparatory curriculum and a structured program of support to and through college.


Comprehensive Supports

Green Dot actively works to remove barriers to learning. We create safe and welcoming campuses in which all students and their families are respected and appreciated. We provide a range of social and emotional supports and health and wellness services. We partner with community-based providers to address issues of gang intervention and provide a network of diverse and positive adult mentors. We enthusiastically seek opportunities to smooth the often challenging pathway to college and career success for our students.


Community Engagement

Green Dot engages parents as vital partners in student success, providing adult education programming and self-advocacy training to empower community members to be agents of long-term, sustainable neighborhood revitalization.

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