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Have you been asked to explain what you do? Or why you do it? Have you been asked why you work with Green Dot Public Schools? Has anyone asked you where the name “Green Dot” came from? How many times have you explained that charter schools are public schools? Each of these conversations is an opportunity to raise awareness of Green Dot’s mission and the ‘who, why, what, and how’ behind it.

Together, we can all make a vital and powerful contribution to telling the world about our work and the incredible people who make it happen. We are the faces of Green Dot and fulfill the promise of our brand in our daily interactions with students, families, and other stakeholders each day. 

Green Dot Public Schools is one of the country’s leading voices in public education and whole-school turnaround. Charter schools innovate on the traditional education model to produce better results for students. As a respected innovator, we remain committed to our mission of helping transform public education so all students can graduate prepared for college, leadership, and life. 

To support our work and realize our goals, we have to communicate effectively and consistently. With thousands of daily interactions across our network, we have the chance to inform others about our mission, vision, values, and practices, hopefully building a multitude of supporters. Everyone wants to be part of building  a brighter future and  as we share, we are inviting others to join us in furthering our mission. 

Only through the power of an informed and tireless collective voice, will we change a system that privileges some children over others, creating equity in public education and opportunity for each student, regardless of their background.

This is a series of tools meant to guide us in the achievement of a unified organizational identity – one that is spoken authentically in the voices of thousands of individuals. 

The strength of Green Dot Public Schools is and has always been in the excellence of its team members – you. Thank you.

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