Email Signatures

Email is a popular form of correspondence at every level of our organization. 

However, it is important to remember that digital communication—including email and text messages—may be public records and subject to disclosure under state and federal law. It is always important to be mindful of how our communications convey our values alongside information. 

For the sake of consistency and brand integrity, all employees must use their assigned Green Dot Public Schools email accounts and devices when conducting any correspondence or work, especially when in direct contact with families and students. 

Please be aware that if an email, text message or other communication is made or received in connection with the transaction of business involving GDPS, it may be considered a public record regardless of whether it was sent from a personal or GDPS account. Additionally, please be aware that there are federal and state laws that may require GDPS to review and disclose digital communications or other data from phones or other mobile devices used to conduct business on our behalf.

Avoid mixing personal and professional topics. Additionally, do not gossip or engage in conduct that is rude or disrespectful, uses vulgar language or racial slurs, or includes materials that are inflammatory, libelous, slanderous, or constitute cyberbullying, harassment, or intimidation of others. Remember, GDPS is committed to fostering a culture of respect for all stakeholders throughout our network. Think about how you would feel, and how others might feel, if something you wrote in an email became public.

Email signatures must contain correct address and phone contact information to show the students and families we serve that we are accessible, open and inclusive to all. We’ve updated our policy around email signatures to better reflect our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Pronoun disclosure is now an optional addition to your email signature. Implicit in the adoption of this practice is the expectation that we will each make our best effort to use the name and pronouns people prefer for themselves.

In your email signature, to ensure consistency and avoid confusion, please refrain from including other phrases or quotations; only contact information should be included. We are also aware that email signatures are, like other forms of communication, contextual. Therefore, we are providing options for specific scenarios for you. 

Typical Email Signature

Using the following templates, please copy and paste and replace the placeholder text with your specific contact details:

Green Dot Email signature example

First Last (Opt. Pronouns)
Job Title

Office 323-565-1600 | Mobile 123-456-7890

Green Dot's logo

Plain Text / Mobile Alternative

Janet Doe (She, Her, Hers)
Manager of Examples
Green Dot Public Schools Entity
Office: 323-565-16000 | Mobile: 123-456-7890

Sent from my mobile device


Mobile Device / Plain Text Option  (For use if your communications do not use or are hampered by formatting; the following can be more accessible)

Office: 323-565-1600 | Mobile: 123-456-7890


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