Color System

Core Color Palette

The Core Color Palette consists of a primary green, a secondary green and on certain occasions an “alternate” green.

Medium gray and dark grey are also part of the color system and are usually used for body copy and headlines within Green Dot communication pieces. Font color preference is black – using white on dark backgrounds.


Print/ CMYK - Printing works with process colors: often referred to as CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. When printing digital pieces you will want to use the CMYK versions.

Web/RGB - Use these hexidecimal colors and RGB values on the web, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint.

Note - An Alternate Green may be used in the color bars. A Complimentary Color Palette may also be used if additional colors are needed. Please see the list of approved colors and usage on the following pages.

Primary Green

WEB #69d206

R105 G210 B6

C59 M0 Y100 K0

Pantone 375 U

Secondary Green

WEB #38b905

R56 G185 B5

C74 M0 Y100 K0

Pantone 362 U

Alternate Green

WEB #09a80f

R9 G168 B15

C81 M5 Y100 K0

Pantone 363 U

Medium Grey

WEB #9a9b9d

R173 G175 B178

C0 M0 Y0 K37

Pantone Cool Gray 7

Dark Grey

WEB #4d4d4d

R77 G77 B77

C65 M58 Y57 K37

Pantone ___ U

Complementary Color Palette

The Complementary Color Palette in Green Dot’s Visual Identity System comprises six colors that can be used sparingly to add visual interest or differentiate data in charts and graphs. They should not be used alone, but as compliments to the Core Color Palette. Red and yellow should only be introduced when you need colors in addition to the first four colors on this page.

Light Blue

WEB #009999

R0 G153 B153

C81 M20 Y42 K1

Pantone 3272 U

Dark Blue

WEB #004d66

R1 G77 B102

C96 M64 Y41 K25

Pantone 3155 U


WEB #492856

R74 G41 B87

C77 M93 Y36 K30

Pantone Medium Purple U


WEB #ff8000

R255 G128 B0

C0 M61 Y100 K0

Pantone 1505 U


WEB #ef4b3f

R240 G74 B64

C0 M86 Y79 K0

Pantone Bright
Red U


WEB # ffbf1f

R255 G191 B31

C0 M27 Y96 K0

Pantone 7406 U

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