Green Dot Public Schools’ visual identity is an asset; a tool to help us in our work and further our mission. It is more than a name, or a logo, or a particular shade of green. It encompasses all the ways in which we project ourselves, and our work, into the world. In turn, it determines how the world perceives us. It’s the “gut feeling” that someone experiences at exposure to Green Dot Public Schools.

Our Visual Brand is a powerful expression of our identity. In essence, it illustrates the axiom that a picture is worth a thousand words by providing guidance in how to visually communicate our core values and attributes. Decisions are not arbitrary. From consistently well-designed layouts that represent our “passion for excellence” to photography that exemplifies our “respect for others in the community”, how we present ourselves visually is just as important as how we do so in words. By consistently using a shared graphic language, we can all ensure that our audience experiences Green Dot at its most professional and authentic.

How we present ourselves visually is just as important as how we do so in words.

The following pages outline the elements of our Visual Identity and provide guidance in how to use them. They are not intended as rules set in stone, but as guidelines in how to accurately represent our mission and values. We encourage you to reach out to the Communications Team with any questions. We’re always happy to help.

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